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Full Circle CO2 is an Oregon-based recreational CO2 toll processor specializing in full-spectrum, high-terpene cannabis essential oils and infused products. Our extraction methods are unlike any others, resulting in some of the highest terpene percentages in the industry without distillation or adulteration. This allows us to preserve all the fundamental properties of the source material: flavor, aroma, and effect while producing beautiful, chemical-free essential oil. Testing shows that our final product closely matches the compositional profile of the source flower; proving that oil can, and should, reflect the knowledge, practices, and intentions of the farms we work with.

As Oregon’s only entirely toll processors, we do not market under our own brand, ensuring we never compete with the farms we service. We are environmentally conscious processors, so we work hard to preserve a closed-loop system- we recycle, reuse, or recapture everything from the CO2 to the plant material we process. 

Company History

Full Circle CO2 was formed in January 2015 under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. In January 2017, we became OLCC licensed. In that time we have developed unique high terpene extractions and created a wide variety of products. We are Dragonfly Earth Medicine processing partners, an Oregon Department of Agriculture certified cannabis food processor, and carry extract, concentrate, edible, and topical endorsements. We can provide custom extractions or help you develop a unique product line for your brand.

Paul K Hampshire, Founder

Since 1997, Paul has been involved in the cultivation and research of the cannabis plant. He has utilized his skills as a chef and construction contractor to design unique processing techniques, protocols and facilities. In January of 2015, Paul acquired a Supercritical CO2 extractor and has since been applying his skill set to the creation consistent, high quality cannabis essential oils.


Siobhan Ruby McConnell, MS, RG

Ruby is a Registered Geologist with the State of Oregon. Ruby received a B.S. In Geological Sciences from the University of Oregon and an M. S. in Geology from Northern Arizona University in 2004 and worked until 2009 as a consulting environmental geologist specializing in contamination studies and remediation. Ruby joined Full Circle CO2 in July of 2015 as a contributing researcher and operations manager.