The Beauty of a Chemical-Free Process

You know what we love about using a chemical and hazardous substance free process and sourcing only from local, organic growers? When the Oregon Department of Agriculture, the Department of Environmental Quality, and OSHA all come knocking to see if, while we were all busy figuring out OLCC and OHA regulations, we bothered to come into compliance with theirs. From our perspective, the easiest way to provide safe, environmentally friendly products, is to do it on the front end, from seed to sale, just like every other aspect of the industry. That means sourcing from responsible growers that use legal products and practices that protect the safety of their workers and our customers. It means choosing CO2, not butane or any other hazardous solvent to produce an additive-free essential oil that is closer to the true plant profile than any other processor we know. It means preserving the integrity of our oils by refusing to winterize- what you get from us is the true, unadulterated cannabis essential oil. Finally, it means dedicating ourselves to remaining transparent in everything we do. Welcome to Full Circle.