Pesticides and Knowing Your Grower

In an industry like this, fast moving, high stakes, and with a bit of a shadowy history, relationships are everything. Especially for processors. Like the rest of Oregon’s cannabis industry, processors are held to near-zero levels of pesticides in our products. It’s part of the mandate issued by voters when then legalized the recreational market. The stringent pesticide levels exist to protect the consumer from toxic chemicals and, ultimately, will help establish Oregon’s cannabis as the best in the country. Right now though, there’s a lot of product not making its way to market and it’s because people know (or suspect) their extracts/concentrates will pop for pesticides. Even if the product they are processing tested clean with the grower, the end product could still be over the limit. Concentrates are exactly that- concentrated versions of the original plant profile. So, if as a processor, you work with growers that aren’t honest about their process and use even a small amount of pesticide, you are buying material that will never turn into viable product. So, relationships. We work with growers we know and trust so that we can be confident that our products will make it to shelves. You want pesticide-free products? Support the people doing it the hard way, right down the line.