The Lab Bottleneck

When the OHA and OLCC decided to take a hard line on pesticide testing in the fall of 2016, they did so with only 4 labs ORELAP certified. Four labs. To handle the expanded testing of the entire state’s inventory as they all attempted to bring their material into the recreational market from medical at the exact same time. So there’s been a bit of a backup. But not as bad as the one to come. In mid-December, the head of the ORELAP program announced without notice that he would be retiring at the end of the month- leaving no one qualified behind him to take his position. So now, even if the testing protocols get fixed, which we are still waiting on, it may still be awhile before you see your favorite products on the shelves. We’ll pass on the same thing we were told by Governor Kate Brown’s staff when we called to talk to them about the testing issue. “Try to have patience.”