Why You Should Be Buying Legal Weed

It's no secret that many, maybe even the majority, of Oregonians are still buying their weed from the same small-time, big-ego growers that they always have. In fact, with taxes, testing, and overhead, the price of legal cannabis and the convenience of doing what you're used to is turning into a major stumbling block for the success of the legal market. Here's just a few reasons to stop buying from the local stoner:


- You get pesticide-free, clean weed. 

- You have a wide selection of products from a variety of sources.

- You know, and can control, your dosage.

- You can return faulty, moldy, or mite-ridden product (and should).

- You're supporting local businesses.

- You're protecting patients and legitimate business owners and staff from federal prosecution by creating a robust and mainstreamed legal market.

- You're supporting education, health services, infrastructure and scores of other tax-supported programs.


Vote with your dollars. Buy legal.