Why Vape?

There is no doubt that the modern era of marijuana legalization stands firmly on the shoulders of the medical use movement. In Oregon, medical marijuana legalization came nearly twenty years before the passage of recreational legislation and remains a potent source of advocacy and an important tool in the state’s battle against one of the worst opioid crises in the United States. One of the ironies of the medical movement, however, is the continued emphasis on consumption via combustion- smoking flower. Since the mid-20th century an overwhelming amount of data has been amassed regarding the negative health effects of smoking tobacco, inhaling smoke from wildfires, and exposure to smoke from industrial sources and yet the marijuana industry stalwartly distances itself from these findings often citing the health benefits of consumption over the possible drawbacks of the ‘style’ of consumption. In the 21st century, this mindset seems intentionally oblique. While  research indicating the negative health effects stemming from vaping or ingesting adulterated cannabis products, those using toxic substances in their processes or non-cannabis additives (BHO, PHO, distillates) is growing, other research indicates vaping and ingesting ‘pure’ cannabis products presents significantly lower health risks than consumption via combustion. The best evidence, of course, is in your own body, which is why, we believe, extracts and edibles are the fastest growing sector of the Oregon cannabis market.

Enjoy your high, without the guilt or worry. Go combustion-free.