What Makes A Craft Extract

Most Oregonians are comfortable with the characteristics of a craft brew or a good glass of wine, but in this emerging market few people have had enough exposure to the diversity of product to have a handle on the complexities of what is craft, and what is just Bud Lite.

The short answer is that craft extracts as much as possible preserve the flavors, and effects of the original plant, with no stripping of terpenes, adding of flavors, or exposure to toxic chemicals.

What to Look For:

Color- full-profile extracts range in color from light honey to deep amber and may be slightly cloudy.

Flavor- just like grapes, a craft flower and its extract will produce a full-bodied flavor that may be earthy, sweet, floral, or even peppery.

Consistency- craft extracts are typically a jelly-like or honey consistency

Changes/Separation Over Time- as with any oil-based mixture craft extracts may show signs of settling or separation over time.

The Label- Look for products with higher terpene and trace cannabinoid content (greater than 5%) and slightly lower THC (lower than 80%)

What to Avoid:

Any product you can’t see.

Dark blacks or green- these are evidence of residual organics and chlorophylls.

Anything derived using butane or any other toxic solvent.

Artificial terpenes or terpenes derived from other plants.

Artificial flavors.

THC- only products.

Why You Should Be Buying Legal Weed

It's no secret that many, maybe even the majority, of Oregonians are still buying their weed from the same small-time, big-ego growers that they always have. In fact, with taxes, testing, and overhead, the price of legal cannabis and the convenience of doing what you're used to is turning into a major stumbling block for the success of the legal market. Here's just a few reasons to stop buying from the local stoner:


- You get pesticide-free, clean weed. 

- You have a wide selection of products from a variety of sources.

- You know, and can control, your dosage.

- You can return faulty, moldy, or mite-ridden product (and should).

- You're supporting local businesses.

- You're protecting patients and legitimate business owners and staff from federal prosecution by creating a robust and mainstreamed legal market.

- You're supporting education, health services, infrastructure and scores of other tax-supported programs.


Vote with your dollars. Buy legal.